When I initially decided to continue my education, it was logical for me to go in the computer field again. At that time I had been working in Higher Education for seven years and really enjoyed seeing how technology can be used in education. That was when I came across the field of Instructional Design & Technology, which is basically about using the latest technology to develop new or improve existing courses. Even though I was not sure at the beginning, all it took was just one course, EDIT 704 with Dr. Gardner, to make me realize my passion for this field.

In the beginning my only goal was to get a Master’s degree in a technical field. As I took more courses and realized the full potential of what I was learning and new goals materialized for me. One of them was to use my new learned skills at my current job. I was always week in creating proper documentation for my projects. Almost every one of EDIT courses I took I had to create professional documentation. This became very helpful to me in my position. In EDIT 573 I learned about Agile methodology, which I was able to put this into practice immediately with great results.

Academic Goals:

  • Graduate with a Master’s Degree in Education, specifically in Instructional Design and Technology by July 2017.
  • About 35 years ago, I thought I was done with formal education. Since then I have received numerous diplomas for various course works, a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, and am about to complete my Master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology. I may not have any more academic goal ahead of me at this time, but who knows what the future holds.

Career Goals:

  • Short Term: Apply some of my new knowledge in my present position. Courses in Project Management, Agile Methodology, Universally Accessible Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design & Evaluation are all subjects which I can use on daily bases.
  • Long Term: Become involved with Instructional Design department of the Provost office at George Mason for upgrading existing courses and development of new online courses.

Personal Goals: 

  • Continue to learn new technical skills in application design and how to apply them to support various university needs.
  • Continue with my life-long learning in both technical and non-technical subjects to enrich my life and those around me.
  • Continue working as long as I can and then retire knowing I have done the best I could.

Hossein Kord