Other Hormones


Low: Hypothyroid: Low body temperature specially while sleeping, cold hands and feet, low energy and fatigue in the morning, anxiety or panic attack, muscle and joint pain, digestion problems, allergies, dry skin, periods of low sex drive, graying hair, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, little nails, weight gain (around midsection), hair loss, depression, emotional disturbances, and many body functions will slow down.

High: Hyperthyroid: Protruding eyes, sweats easily, night sweats, insomnia, rapid aging, nervous, lose weight easily, inward trembling, emotional disturbances, heat intolerance, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, diarrhea, difficulty gaining weight, eventually osteoporosis.

Growth Hormone:

Low: Weak muscles, thin hair, drooping eyelids, thinning lips, increased fat around knees, increased fat in upper arms, increased abdominal fat, retracting guns, gum disease, dull looking eyes, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hypoglycemia, elevated triglycerides, elevated LDL, depression, muscle / joint pain.

High: Growth of lower jaw, thick skin, fluid retention, anxiety (due to cortisol deficiency), enlarged heart, joint pain,


Low: Poor dreaming, inability to remember dreams, increased anxiety, poor sleep during PMS

High: Craves sugar, sleepy during the day, wake up too soon in the morning, wake up groggy, rapid heart rate upon awakening, very vivid dreams


Low: Dry skin, dry eyes, all day fatigue, poor memory, anxiety, noise intolerance, poor sex drive, decreased pubic hair

High: Oily skin, strong body odor, oily hair, acne