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AB AB can be used for colds; trauma; swelling with pain; inflammation without fever. AB acts on all serous membranes, specially in the beginning of a disease.
ABB ABB has proven to be the choice against acute flu and feverish infections, particularly in conjunction with Peppermint Oil drops. Will also reduce inflammation & swelling of mucous membranes.
ABC ABC is a german remedy designed to be used for acute and chronic ear infection. Will reduce swelling and redness of the ear and works very well for children who have been treated with antibiotics without getting lasting results. Avoid dairy products during the treatment.
Absintium Use for acute or chronic gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, lack of appetite, flatulence. It normalizes the digestive gastric juices and motility conditions by influencing the autonomic tonicity. It has a direct and indirect influence on the mucous membrane by anti-inflammatory effect and mobilization of the protective mucosa. A general tonification with improvement of circulation in the GI tract can be expected. Take about 20 drops in 3 ounces of warm water , 30 min before each meal.
Achieve For the relief of symptoms related to ravenous appetite, obesity, feelings of unfulfillment, and the need to recognize unresolved issues and transform them. For dealing with lethargy and sluggishness.
Ac-pH For temporary relief of symptoms related to stomach acidity, joint pains, nervous irritability.
Acute Rescue For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations. For relief of symptoms of colds and flu, as well as for symptoms of bruises and inflammations. Rich in homeopathics, including flower essences. Important for every household and office! Excellent formula for acute allergic-type reactions. See B-19 and B-20 for Acute Rescue™ Spray and Cream.
Acute Rescue Cream For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations.
Acute Rescue Spray For relief of minor burns, trauma, skin irritation, inflammation.
Acute Virotox For symptoms related to exposure to minor viral influences such as colds, flu and associated inflammations, stress, etc.
Adapt (Adrenal Support)
Adaptation For the relief of symptoms related to the feeling of not knowing where one fits. Anguish and restlessness. Inability to adapt to new environment.
Adaptocrine Supports healthy adrenal feedback loop function, manage the impact of stress on the body, and support the body’s ability to response to stress. Take 2 – 3 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
Additives For sensitivities and reactions to food additives, such as artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, and coloring agents. Also those additives used in soaps, shampoos, and other personal hygiene products. For temporary relief of “acute” allergic symptoms which can occur after exposure. Can also aid in the relief of liver and kidney weakness after chronic exposure to certain additives.
AdrenaCalm Balancing cream which modulates the neuroendocrine response to stress. Provides agents in an optimal form of delivery to support overstimulated adrenals. Provides support for memory, cognition and the management of anxiety.
Adrenal In certain patients with recurrent environmental allergies; in patients who need to take prednisone, who complain of fatigue after exercise, or who crave salt. This advanced adrenal formula is gentle enough to be used in a long-term rebuilding program, yet strong enough to effectively address acute symptoms. Offers French drainage technology.
Adrenal Pep Provides support for the adrenals. Useful during stress, adrenal exhaustion, allergies, and fatigue. Use to counter the effects of detox and drainage processes (low energy). Combine with Stress Resistance (B-6).
Adrenal Terrain Black currant bud spear heads the action of this unique adrenal formula. Along with other bud extracts it provides essential rejuvenative and nourishing growth factors for adrenal support. Litho elements are specially selected for their stress relieving, calming, and soothing properties.
AdrenaStim Revitalizing cream that delivers key nutrients for exhusted adrenals. Other Benefits: Increase energy levels, stabilize healthy blood sugar levels, support healthy immune function, provide nutritional support during inflammation and allergic responses.
Adreno Zyme Direction: Take 2 with breakfast and 1 with lunch. A powerful formula designed to provide essential nutrients and co-factors for the demands of an over-worked and over-active lifestyle. Rich in digestive enzymes, it provides several essential vitamins and minerals, as well as glandular support for the Adrenals, Pituitary, and Spleen. Designed for chronic adrenal (parasympathetic) exhaustion.
Aesculus AESCULUS increases peripheral arterial circulation especially in arms and legs, and invigorates the return of venous blood. Aesculus contains Rutinum, which strengthens the walls of the veins and also reduces capillary fragility.
Airborne A unique formula for sensitivities to airborne substances, such as dust and pollen. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after exposure to airborne substances.
Alcohol Primarily a liver remedy. For sensitivities and reactions to alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, liqueurs, and hard liquor. For relief of “acute” symptoms. For systemic weaknesses which often result from chronic exposure. Also to be used during treatment of alcohol addiction, to help relieve the craving for alcohol. Promotes desensitization to alcoholic beverages and other alcohol-based products.
Alka Zyme A super alkalizing formula with Aloe Vera, Chickweed and Chamomile in a proprietary enzyme blend. Balancing pH is the first priority in establishing healthy terrain!
Aller Total For patients with multiple allergies in both chronic and acute hypersensitivities and adverse reactions, especially multiple food sensitivities, house dust, M.S.G., pollen, and hay fever. Helpful in children with recurrent minor infections and as an adjunct in any desensitization protocol.
AllerDrain For general drainage, cleansing, and desensitization in such allergy-related conditions as rashes, headaches, fatigue, vertigo, and acne. Supports pancreas, liver, kidneys, lymphatics, colon, and skin to relieve disorders resulting from chronic hypersensitivities.
Allermet Introducing the most recent release from the Allertox™ line. Allermet™ is a unique remedy designed to address sensitivities and reactions to heavy metals and metal alloys.
Allernest Allenest reduces the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. It will also strengthens the cell walls and prevent allergic reaction.
Amla Paste
Anabo Met For symptoms related to excess “anabolic” states which may lead to chronic degenerative disorders, pancreatic weakness, and immune stress.
Anger Flex For the relief of symptoms related to anger, frustration, inflexibility, stubbornness, and impatience, unforgiveness and harshness.
Anger Release For the relief of symptoms related to suppressed anger, dwelling on past grief’s and humiliations, easily offended. Irritability. Easily provoked.
Animal Dander For sensitivities to the dander present on animal hair. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after exposure. Also promotes desensitization to specific animal danders such as cat, rat, mouse, and dog, as well as to wool and fur.
Arthro Muscotox Provides homeopathic support for the joints and muscles. For relief of minor arthritic-type pain, injuries, etc. Useful for body-builders and athletes, as well as for the elderly and the middle-aged. A mild drainage effect.
Artichoke Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, increases bile production, increases intestinal peristalsis, accelerates detoxifying process of the liver/gallbladder system, stimulates regeneration of the liver, protects cell membrane against exogenous toxins because of antioxidant properties. Doses: 30 drops 3 times a day in water before meals.
Asparagus For the removal of fluids and impurities from the body and fluid drainage from tissue. Also use as a supporting therapy in cases of heart failure and light to medium hypertension. Can also be used for bladder diseases, kidney & urinary gravel, kidney and bladder stones. Do not use if pregnant or have an infectious kidney disease.
Assimilate Indicated for acute minor disturbances of the G.I. tract resulting from dietary excesses in any form. For weak digestive energy. For improving integration of metabolites after eating. A very useful systemic formula.
ATP Zyme A specialty formula designed to supplement ATP and support its normal production by providing essential nutrients and co-factors.
Avena Sativa In Germany this formula is administered for nervous condition, hyper-activity, insomnia, depression, hysteria, palpitation, hypochondria. It calms the central nervous system and nerve conduction by retraining the antagonistic sections. It also regulates circulatory conditions by influencing the vasomotor system. Does not cause drowsiness, or puffy eyes and results are obtained within 25 minutes. Low dosage (30 drops or less) will not affect driving ability.
BAC-HP Homeopathic support for any kind of bacterial issues. HP stands for High Potency.
Bacterotox For relief of symptoms related to bacterial foci and vaccinations as well as colds and other such minor infections. Best in acute situations. A very popular formula.
Bile Duct To help the body reduce toxicity from the consumption of too much dietary fat; to aid in improving digestion in people with diminished activity of pancreatic lipase; in any patient with a history of gallstones, or who has had the gallbladder removed. An important adjunct to the liver formula. This unique product uses three potent drainage ingredients (based on French drainage technology).
BileMin Improved biliary stasis & enhances bile formation and secretion. Provides herbs compounds that stimulate bile synthesis and elimination. Provides lipotropic nutrients that improve bile synthesis. Take 1 – 2 capsules, 2 to 3 times a day or as directed.
Bio Digeszyme P (Extra Strength)
Bio Reu-Rella Heavy metal detoxification; toxic bowel; rheumatic conditions; arthritis; suppressed Immune function. Detoxifies from heavy metals and pesticides, reduces the tendency to inflammation, helps (promotes) the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is the original brand of Chlorella which was used in the scientific studies in the Germany. Dietrich Klinghardt. This study proved the effectiveness of BIO REU-RELLA™ to detoxify the human body from mercury. Also see home page
Bio-Chelat Bio-Chelat™ is a patented oral chelation product from Germany with documented clinical trials (See clinical trials below). Bio-Chelat™ is designed for chronic heavy metal toxicity and can be used for long periods without side effects. Despite its low active concentration, the heavy metal content in the body is significantly reduced, without affecting or negatively impacting the body’s physiology.
Bioclock Regulator For balancing the Conception Vessel and Heart Governor meridians and related emotions. Useful when the endocrine system is stressed and there is a lack of energy; also with insomnia or when traveling through time zones.
Bladder In patients with acute or recurring cystitis, interstitial cystitis, or support in patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy. This bladder formula is an important compliment to treatment of the urinary tract. Mercurius Solubilis is featured in multicords of X, C, and LM.
Bladder Terrain This special formula supports several drainage aspects of the urinary system such as for: renal/urinary tract tissue, vertebral tissue, uric acid drainage, prostate tissue drainage
BLDR-DRN For relief of urination discomfort, insecurity, and to aid bladder drainage.
BL-DRN (Bile) For relief of constipation, frustration and impatience, and to aid bile drainage.
Blood Terrain Plant bud extracts are selected to support healthy drainage of blood and liver parenchymal tissue and also to fuel heparin, fibrinogen, WBC, and RBC productions.
Brain For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption of starches or incomplete integration of starches and other carbohydrates, such as headaches and brain fog. For cleansing of exogenous disturbances. Also for children with hyper and “excess” type energy.
Brain Terrain This product is very rich in plant bud extracts. It provides a spectrum of drainage support for various areas related to the brain.
Breastogen In patients who complain of generalized swelling and tenderness of the breast; for those whose physical PMS symptoms involve the breast; this formula also helps with breast repair and regeneration, especially after trauma.
Bronchi In patients with upper respiratory infections accompanied by a cough, with chronic bronchitis, asthma, or who have a history of significant cigarette smoking. This special formula is primarily an LM remedy. It features Thuja for the first time in multicords of three potency classifications: X, C, and LM.
Bronchotox For temporary relief of symptoms of asthma, cough, respiratory allergies, stress, and wheezing.
Bucco This formula will support the kidney function by mildly stimulating the diuresis and excretion of matter.
C Zyme 1000 An enzyme-rich buffered Vitamin C product providing multiple sources of Vitamin C, in an enzyme rich proprietary blend.
Caffeine For sensitivities and reactions to caffeine in beverages and foods, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. Can help to reduce the craving for caffeine which occurs with prolonged and frequent use.
Cal Zyme MCHC is the main source for Calcium in this advanced formula. Three tablets contain 2250 mg of MCHC. Also includes Glucosamine Sulfate, Ipri Flavones, and Chromium, along with powerful digestive enzyme support.
Calcium Metabolism For the processing and integration of calcium and other essential minerals. For relief of symptoms resulting from calcium excesses or deficiencies. Especially useful for women, children, older persons, and athletes. Rich in cell salts and oligotherapeutics.
Carbo Met To increase tissue receptivity to insulin and address minor symptoms related to blood sugar levels. General weakness, sluggishness, and desire to sleep.
Carbo Pro Zyme A broad spectrum carbohydrate enzyme formula, designed to work in a wide pH range on both simple and complex sugars. It also acts on fiber to maximize nutrients normally left undigested. Excellent enzyme support for pasta and bread eaters. Special support for breaking down beans and legumes.
Cardi Met For the relief of symptoms related to malnourishment of the heart muscle and to add circulatory support during detoxification and drainage.
Care Heart For the relief of symptoms related to feelings of alienation, indifference (especially indifference to loved ones), shyness, and non-communicative states. Dwells on unpleasant things. In need of enthusiasm and positive involvement in life.
Cascaraplex Homeopathic laxative
Catabo Met For symptoms related to excess “catabolic” states which may lead to inflammatory disorders, infections, fevers, and acute digestive or respiratory disturbances.
Cell Metabolism Stimulates the integration of metabolites into the cells. Helps to excrete excess sodium. Particularly useful when therapeutic progress is obstructed. For homeopathic support of cells in both acute and chronic conditions. For relief of symptoms related to minor cellular degeneration and free-radical damage.
Cell Salt Complex To improve calcium and mineral metabolism for the increase of stamina and endurance. For relief of nervous irritability, weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion.
CelleMax CelleMax is recommended in all circumstances where immune stimulation is not warranted but immune recovery and health is essential. Each Cellemax capsule contains 200 mg of pure lacteal Peptide Complex for maximum immune modulation and restoration.
CellePrime This product includees LPC with Aloe Vera extract for its polysaccharide content as well as L-Glutamine, both of which act as fuel for the immune system. Ideal for supplementing other therapies or for maintenance.
CelleStim This product includes LPC with Aloe Vera extract and L-Glutamine, as well as supportive and strengthening herbs. It contains 4500 mg of LPC per bottle and provides for a more aggressive approach with mild stimulation.
Cellular Recharge An important precursor remedy to be taken before undertaking any detoxification program. Helps activate and recharge cellular metabolic processes in preparation for efficient detoxification and drainage. A rich combination of homeopathic cell salts, flower essences, phytotherapy and oligotherapy. Follow with Gentle Drainage™ (A-2).
Cerebral Met To address symptoms related to learning, memory, and the management of ideas and emotions.
Cholenest Cholenest improves the bile secretion which helps to remove small gallstones. It can also be used as a mild laxative. Cholenest should not be used in cases of intestinal obstruction, occlusion of the bile ducts, during pregnancy and nursing.
Cholest Herbs CholestHerbs is the support-half of a highly effective cholesterol metabolism program. It combines the wisdom of ancient herbal ingredients with clinical testing in order to provide the patient with a powerful approach. When used with Cholest-Zyme, proper dieting, and exercise, one has a comprehensive program to support cholesterol health.
Cholest Zyme Cholest-Zyme is the base in a two-formula program designed to support healthy cholesterol metabolism. It combines highly effective and proven nutritional ingredients that are known for their effect on cholesterol. Each ingredient is scientifically tested and referenced, providing unique characteristics for this approach. Combined with CholestHerbs, proper dieting, and exercise, one has an effective nutritional-herbal approach to support cholesterol health.
Cholestar For healthy lipid metabolism and cholesterol control. The natural compounds in this formula contain properties that may help maintain healthy cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglyceriedes and HDL cholesterol, as well as antagonize lipid perioxidation.
Cilantro Heavy Metal Detoxofication, Chelation, Antiviral. Physicians who specialize in environmental medicine reported that the herb Cilantro is able to bond and detox heavy metals. Heavy metal poisoning is very difficult to treat, mostly unrecognized, but widely common. Many conditions related to the nervous system are directly linked to heavy metal poisoning. Use two weeks after Wild Bear Garlic and one week after Bio Reu Rella.
Circu Zyme (discontinued) Circu-Zyme is the base in a two-formula program designed for those who need nutritional and herbal support for healthy blood pressure. Each ingredient is scientifically tested and referenced, providing unique characteristics for blood pressure metabolism. Proprietary enzymes are added to assist in assimilation and digestion of all ingredients. When combined with VascuHerbs, proper dieting and exercise, one has a highly effective nutritional-herbal approach to support blood pressure health.
Circuclnz Focuses on detoxification and desensitization. For relief of symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for organ function support. Designed to be used on a long-term basis, following this detoxification program.
Clear Mind For the relief of symptoms related to feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, and confusion of identity and lack of clarity in purpose.
Clearvite A nutritional hypoallergenic protein powder product and cleansing program.
ClearVite SF A nutritional hypoallergenic protein powder to support and cleanse (detoxify) at the same time. Excellent source of very high quality vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, and numerous nutritional factors to help body’s natural abilities to neutralize and expel toxins.
Colon Terrain This formula like the small intestine formula is rich in litho elements to support the healthy detox processes of the colon, including the mucosal lining and colon tissue.
Cortico Zyme A powerful adrenal formula designed to support the healthy functions of the adrenals. Includes Licorice root, Gotu Kola, Co-Q10, and Avena Sativa. Designed for short-term adrenal (sympathetic) stress.
CraveX For excessive cravings such as for sweets, cigarettes, carbohydrates, fatty foods; irritability and compulsive behavior.
Cytex For homeopathic support of patients who have minor cysts of the breasts, ovaries, and uterus. This formula also helps with regenerative energy for the kidneys, and can be combined with RegenRx™ Kidney (R-4).
Cytostat Antitox For relief of symptoms resulting from cellular weaknesses. A deep-acting formula for support of the cellular system and cellular metabolism. A strong remedy rich in nosodes, cell salts, and homeopathic phytotherapeutics. Start with low dosages and build up.
Dairy Eggs A highly effective formula for sensitivities to dairy products and eggs. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after consuming these foods. These types of symptoms may range from diarrhea, gas, and excessive mucous formation to coughs. Also for lymphatic stagnation, eczema, and ear infections which can result from “chronic” hypersensitivity to dairy products and eggs.
Deep Antitox For homeopathic cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and balancing the flora as well as relief of symptoms related to disturbances in this area. For Candida and uric acid-related conditions. Homeopathics and nosodes provide the powerful effectiveness of this unique remedy. Use of friendly micro- organisms, such as L. Acidophilus, is often appropriate at this time. Follow with Heavy AntitoxTM (A-5), unless contraindicated.
Dentox Homeopathic formula for using against all kinds of dental issues.
Depression Antitox For uplifting and general support in persons who are experiencing low vitality, grief, loss of hope, or who have a melancholic disposition. Also for symptomatic relief of chronic fatigue.
DHEA Sublingual form of DHEA hormone.
Digestion For relief of symptoms related to indigestion and flatulence. Supports and stimulates the digestive and gastrointestinal organs, including the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and intestines. A multi-purpose formula. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapeutics. Combine with Aller-TotalTM (S-2) when indicated.
Digestive Drainage For relief of indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, and pancreas and liver discomfort.
Drainage Overall drainage
Drainage Complex For relief of fatigue, nervous irritability, muscle cramps, water retention, urinary discomfort, and loss of appetite.
DTX-Kidney For balancing and enhancing the female endocrine system. Suggested for use by women throughout the Detox Program, especially in the beginning. Very helpful when faced with excessively stressful conditions. Also useful for reducing the “endocrine stress.” One of our most popular formulas.
DTX-Liver For maintaining the newly achieved systemic balance following the use of remedies A-1 through A-5. Appropriate for sensitive or depleted individuals in the early stages of this program. Especially designed for long-term use for a continued mild drainage effect.
DTX-Lymph Focuses on detoxification and desensitization. For relief of symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for organ function support. Designed to be used on a long-term basis, following this detoxification program.
DysenPro Addresses minor symptoms related to intestinal discomfort. For patients with a history of exposure to intestinal microbes. Helps rebuild the large intestine. Homeopathically protects against water borne diseases.
Earth-STM (Earth) To support and balance the Earth element, meridians, and organs (the spleen, pancreas, and stomach) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.
Electro Met This remedy is indicated in all conditions where there is insufficient oxidatio or decreased ATP production. It has the opposite effect of anti-oxidant such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, and alpha lipoic acid. These anti-oxidants tend to “cool down an overheated engine”, and decrease free radicals, whereas Electro-Met “heats up a cold engine” and increase ATP production.
Endopan Charge For homeopathic support of the body’s insulin. To support the pancreas after over-consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates. A powerful systemic formula which enhances the metabolic processes of the pancreas and liver.
Enviroprotect Focuses on detoxification and desensitization. For relief of symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for organ function support. Designed to be used on a long-term basis, following this detoxification program.
Enzy Met To help in the production of digestive enzymes, especially protease and thereby improve the symptoms of digestive upset, systemic inflammation, and fatigue after meals.
EstroVite Optimizes estrogen metabolism and receptor site response. Provides natural compounds that improve estrogen receptor site response. Provides natural compounds that improve estrogen metabolism. Take 1 – 2 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
Eucalyptus Large
Eucalyptus Small
ExChem One-of-a-kind formula for relief of symptoms related to pesticides and other chemicals. Often indicated for vegetarians. An effective wash for fruits and vegetables. A gentle drainage formula. (Ask for results of a double-blind research study performed on this product in Europe.)
Expression For the relief of symptoms related to the inability to express oneself due to apprehensions or stage fright. When undervaluing talents and abilities, lack of imagination, mental blocks. Exhaustion due to sedentary or monotonous lifestyles.
Extracellular For relief of symptoms related to incomplete integration of protein—specifically in the extracellular fliuds, and accumulation of metabolic by-products. Also ideal in chronic disturbances requiring detoxification. Useful in cases of low energy and fatigue.
Fat To assist in integration of fats. For homeopathic support of the liver and gallbladder. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of fats due to improper integration.
Fear Release For the relief of symptoms related to panic attacks, trembling, restlessness, fear of exams, fear that something bad will happen. Great fright and worry. Compulsive ideas.
Fear Trust For the relief of symptoms related to fears, especially from past emotional hurts, separations, and rejections.
Febriotox For relief of symptoms related to fevers of all origins, acute onset of disease, minor viral infections, flu, and the beginning phase of all inflammations.
Fem Zyme A multi-vitamin & mineral formula designed to meet the needs of today’s younger women (under 45). Rich in B vitamins, key trace minerals, bioflavonoids, and special herbal extracts. Provides broad-spectrum digestive support.
Fem Zyme Plus Fem-Zyme Plus meets the needs of today’s pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women. Special herb, vitamin, and mineral ratios support the needs of women at this phase of life. Greater levels of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin E make this the ideal support for women over the age of 45.
Female Balance For balancing and enhancing the female endocrine system. Suggested for use by women throughout the Detox Program, especially in the beginning. Very helpful when faced with excessively stressful conditions. Also useful for reducing the “endocrine stress.” One of our most popular formulas.
Female Flower For the relief of symptoms related to lack of female expression and acceptance of female aspect of self.
Female Terrain Over 13 plant bud extracts provide extensive support to various key organs and body parts. These include: lymphatic-pelvic, mucous tissue, arterial tissue, cerebellar-vascular, blood tissue, ovarian tissue.
Female Tonic
FemaPro Homeopathic support for vaginal irritations.
Fibromin A rich and diverse spectrum of insoluble fibers that promote healthy colon bacteria, help stabilize blood sugar uptake, and support healthy lipid metabolism.
Fibrozolve For homeopathic support of the uterus, breasts, ovaries, or testes. Also useful for “toxic scar” interferences. For relief of symptoms related to menopause, PMS, and cysts in the male and female organs and tissues. Contraindicated for patients who have or who are suspected of having ulcers. Females should combine with Female Balance (A-9) and Lymphotox™ (N-5); males with Male Balance (A-8) and Prostate Causal Chain™ (C-1).
Fire-HRT (Fire) To support and balance the Fire element, meridians, and organs (the heart, small intestine, triple warmer) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.
First Rescue For the relief of emotional symptoms related to injuries with bleeding, contusions, sprains, sudden onset of symptoms, and fevers. Great anxiety. Traumas of grief, shock, and septic conditions.
Fish Oil: The Very Finest 500 ml Award-winning superior taste (lemon) fish oil provides 1,600 mg of Omega-3 per dose (EPA: 800 mg, DHA 500 mg, other: 300 mg).
Folidreen Folic Acid with Adrenal Factors in a Sublingual Form: Folic Acid / B12 is superb adjunct and will increase liver regeneration during a liver detox treatment. Liver detox is a must for Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Alcoholism, hormone imbalances, and menopausal discomfort. Folic Acid is also good for reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis and stroke because it has been shown to reduce levels of homocysteine.
Forgive For the relief of symptoms related to difficulty in forgiving. Easily offended, self- condemnation, inability to accept love. Slightest contradiction excites rage. Quarrelsome, combative.
Fortefy Each capsule of Fortefy contains 20 billion good bacteria.
Frangula This remedy is highly effective for a wide spectrum of symptoms related to digestive disorder. It also limits symptoms during parasite treatments and decreases putridity. Frangula is the ideal homeopathic combination to accompany digestive enzyme therapies. Indications are indigestion, bloating, gas, sluggish bowel, spastic colon, Roemhelds’s Syndrom (cardiac symptoms due to pressure from the diaphragm & intestinal bloating). Take 30 drops in water after meals or as needed.
FS-Mind For relief of symptoms related to confusion and sensitivity to disorder. For mental fatigue, with inability to fix mind on one subject. Inability to grasp ideas and coordinate thoughts. For feeling overworked.
Gallbladder Terrain A wholistic approach to gallbladder Terrain. In this comprehensive formula the emphasis is on supporting: a) the healthy drainage of various gallbladder tissue groups such as rhinopharangeal tissue and biliary duct tissue, as well as hepato-biliary drainage, and the heart tissue. b) the healthy metabolic processes of fat/cholesterol and B-12 through selective use of Oligo minerals.
Gastro-ULC To support gastrointestinal health. Contains flavonoids that support the health of the gastric mucosal lining. Provides compounds with naturally-occurring antibacterial properties to guard against Helicobacter pylori and reestablish healthy gastrointestinal terrain.
Gentle Drainage For gentle support and drainage of the connective tissue and elimination organs. Homeopathic phytotherapeutics and sarcodes help clear elimination channels and offer needed support for these organs before taking the stronger-acting remedies. Essential before any major detoxification. Follow with Ultra-Antitox™ (A-3).
Glucamino Zyme GlucAmino-Zyme™ provides nutritional support for the beta hydroxybuturic acid energy production cycle, promoting the efficient burning of fatty acids for energy. This helps prevent the over-use of sugars for energy production. Proprietary enzymes ensure efficient digestion and assimilation of the nutrients and herbs.
Gluco Balance For supporting the endocrine function of the pancreas. For relief of hyper- and hypo- states of energy, allergies, lactose intolerance, and sweet cravings. An important remedy for persons experiencing nausea and sudden drops and fluctuations in energy.
Gluco Pro Zyme A specialized formula for sugar handling issues that includes glandular and herbal support for the pancreas and liver. Perfect for people who like pie ala mode or chocolate sundaes, due to high levels of sucrase, amylase, and lactase.
Glysen For healthy response to insulin resistance, healthy blood-sugar management. Ideal for high insulin and glucose levels. Take 2 to 4 capsules, 3 times a day for as directed.
Gold Press Pallets Used in Korean Hand Therapy to reduce all kinds of pain.
Grains For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after consuming grains, such as gluten, wheat, rice, rye, buckwheat, corn, and barley.
Harmony For the relief of symptoms related to shock, grief, or disappointment. Tendencies to become restless, listless, melancholic or suspicious. Needing comfort but unable to accept comforting.
HCL Pro Zyme An HCl product which not only supplies a high level of Betaine HCl, But includes herbs that support production of hydrochloric acid, and flower essences to minimize the effects of stress on the digestive system.
Heart Terrain This formula provides a comprehensive nutritive support for the biological terrain of the heart. Ingredients also address the health of the nervous system, arterial tissue, cardiac tissue, cerebral arterial tissue, and fat metabolism. Sarcodes address the myocardium, and coronary artery, as well as liver and gallbladder meridians. Several essential vitamins and minerals are also provided such as vitamin D, E, chromium, selenium, calcium and magnesium as well as taurine. The flower essences in this formula help balance the heart meridian by addressing imbalances caused by anger, lack of compassion, and self-centeredness.
Heavy Antitox For relief of symptoms related to low-level toxicity of certain heavy metals from the fatty tissues and deeper layers. Contraindicated for persons who either have pacemakers, metal implants, or “silver” amalgam fillings containing mercury in their teeth. Ideal for use after removal of fillings. Follow with Revitalization (A-6), Maintenance (A-10), and other formulas for further specific cleansing and balancing.
HemeVite Supports healthy iron and red blood cell metabolism. It also provides a rich source of iron compounds necessary for hemesynthesis and iron absorption.
Hepar Met For symptoms related to mental or physical exhaustion, chemical or food hypersensitivities.
Hepatic Zyme Hepatic-Zyme™ provides a powerful spectrum of amino acids and herbs that are effective in supporting those with high nitric oxide levels. High nitric oxide has been associated with chronic inflammatory conditions. The amino acid profile provides both liver support and bile flow support, and the herbal components are potent hepato-protectants. Hepatic-Zyme™ is ideal for healthy liver functions.
Hi Electro Zyme Hi Electro-Zyme provides a spectrum of amino acids and herbs which help disperse excess colloid electrolytes. Excess electrolytes contribute to blood cell aggregation and hypertension. Hi Electro-Zyme provides monovalent cations and polyvalent anions needed to disperse excess electrolytes states. The herbal ingredients support removal of excess electrolytes. Proprietary enzymes ensure efficient digestion and assimilation for maximum performance.
HMO-DRN For relief of symptoms related to minor infections after the acute stage.
Homeochelation Provides homeopathic support for the heart meridian. May be used routinely in all patients over the age of 40. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes.
H-PLR For healthy immune support with bacterial and intestinal infections. Provides support for healthy immune response during bacterial infections. Provides support for healthy immune response during intestinal infections.
HP-Lvr Pro
Hydrastic Nasal Spray Nasal cleanser
Hyper Implant: Probiotic Each dose contains 400 billion of good bacteria.
HyperBalance Helps to provide balance for persons with a generally “fast” metabolism. For “excess” type energy in the thyroid and nervous system; sensitivities; For persons who experience heat intolerance, and who usually take a long time to get to sleep.
HypoBalance Helps to provide energetic balance for persons with a generally “slow” metabolism. For slowed integration of metabolites related to “deficient” type energy in the thyroid and the nervous system; increased need for rest; craving for warmth; intolerance to cold. Also in nervous exhaustion and chronically deficient disturbances. For augmenting metabolism of carbohydrates and protein.
Immu Zyme An advanced colostrum based immune formula with olive leaf extract and several key vitamins and minerals.
Immune Terrain A unique nutrititive formula designed to address a multitude of immune needs. Ingredients are specially selected to provide for the effects of a busy and stressful life style and its demands on the immune system.
Immunosode For temporary relief of low fevers, inflamed and sore throat, swollen tonsils, aches and pains, colds, and flu.
Incident Release For the relief of symptoms related to traumatic incidents in the past. For hurtful memories of shock, trauma and severe hurts.
Injurotox For relief of symptoms from injuries to the soft tissues and bones from recent or older traumas, impacts, or shocks. Works to clear affected cell memory and remove “energetic foci” from the incident. Also useful for over-use and weakness of the muscles. Excellent for body-builders and fitness enthusiasts. Combine with Acute Rescue™ (B-1) and Strong Ligaments and Joints (C-7) when indicated.
Intestinal Mucosa For homeopathic support of patients with intestinal dysbiosis, leaky gut, candidiasis, and parasites; this formula is intended to help stimulate healthy mucosal surfaces, allowing for successful implantation of healthy gut bacteria, and to help normalize intestinal permeability.
Joints For relief of pains and aches in and around joints related to incomplete integration of dietary metabolites.
KDNY-DRN For relief of swelling, edema, water retention, unwanted weight loss, kidney weakness, fears, and mild anxiety.
KetoAmino Zyme KetoAmino-Zyme™ provides a nutritional-herbal complex that promotes the citric acid energy production cycle. This helps minimize the over-dependence on fatty acids for energy production. Proprietary enzyme ensures efficient assimilation of this nutritional-herbal complex.
Kidney To help treat fatigue which occurs in the late afternoon; To strengthen the kidney energy in pregnant women in the last two trimesters; to support recovery from an upper respiratory infection with a cough that will not clear; for patients who take diuretics. The kidneys are uniquely supported with drainage ingredients, classical homeopathics, and testosterone in multiple potencies.
Kidney Terrain A multifaceted formula addressing many aspects of kidney Terrain. Several ingredients address mineral absorption to various organs and body parts. Rich in Oligo elements to build and fortify the kidney terrain, to support the electrolyte balance, and to fuel bone and collagen repair.
Lacto S Plus
Lappa N30 Blood Purifier
Large Intestine To help treat intestinal candida (with Neutrocan™ (R-12), Intestinal Mucosa (R-23), and drainage); to aid in the treatment of chronic conditions of the colon, such as constipation; in all patients who take laxatives. Using three important classical ingredients and a hormonal factor, the large intestine is uniquely supported and energized.
Let Go For the relief of symptoms related to feelings of anguish, restlessness, fixed negative ideas, stubbornness and jealousy, suspicious and selfish; suppression of important physical and emotional needs.
LF-CHNGS (Life Changes) For the relief of symptoms related to despondency, sullenness and discouragement. Inclination to constantly criticize. Facilitates the letting go of false self-images which no longer serve any productive purpose.
LGS Zyme A special formula designed to support healthy intestinal mucosa. Proper functioning of the mucosal lining is essential for the effective absorption of the micro food particles.
Ligaments For relief of pains and aches in and around ligaments related to incomplete integration of dietary metabolites (especially proteins). For feelings of discomfort in the ligaments.
Lipo Met To address the symptoms of minor disorders in fat metabolism and promote the mobilization and breakdown of fat from adipose tissue and inappropriate cholesterol storage depots.
LipoPro Zyme The combination of enzymes with cayene, Inositol, choline, and lecithin creates a powerful fat metabolizing agent. Herbs chosen to aid the digestive process as well as plant buds that deal with the emotional component of fat maldigestion round out the formula.
Liqua Zinc A potent liquid zinc formula which provides multiple sources of zinc in ionic form (including zinc oligo elements).
Lithium Helps depression, nervousness, anxiety, neurodermatitis. Directions: Take 20 drops on tongue or in one ounce of water before or between two meals, 2 to 3 times daily.
Liver Useful after alcohol abuse, both acute and chronic; to take before sleep for any patient who either cannot fall asleep, or who wakes up between 1 and 3 a.m.; in patients who smoke cigarettes or are chronically exposed to cigarette smoke; for supporting the liver in patients on prescription drugs. Four important classical liver remedies are combined synergistically at specific multicord potencies to support weak liver function.
Liver Terrain This is a comprehensive nutritive formula designed to address the multifaceted functions of the liver. It supports the maintenance of a healthy liver terrain.
LMPH-DRN For relief of fatigue, lymphatic discomfort, and especially chronic minor infections.
LNG-DRN For relief of coughing and asthma, and to aid lung drainage.
Lo Electro Zyme Lo Electro-Zyme is a nutritional formulation designed to support individuals that are low in vital electrolytes. Lo Electro-Zyme provides necessary electrolytes as well as important amino acids needed to support better control of electrolyte balances. With added adrenal and heart extracts, Lo Electro-Zyme can be considered for support in individuals energy levels and sugar balance. Betaine HCl and cellulose improve the overall assimilation of the nutrients.
Love & Joy For the relief of symptoms related to the effects of shock and ailments from long- lasting grief. Uneasiness concerning the future. Restores zest for life and accesses the more universal aspect of love.
Luffa Inhibits inflammation in nose and paranasal sinus; decreases the lymphatic nodes and tonsils; stabilizes the function of the sinu-bronchial complex. For severe symptoms take 1 tablet every hour until improvement is felt.
Lung For support in asthma-type conditions; Useful in acute and chronic bronchitis; in “chronic” cough; to help strengthen the lung when stressed by athletic workout programs. This lung formula combines classical ingredients with progesterone to address symptoms of chronic lung disorders. Especially useful for people who smoke cigarettes.
Lung Terrain In this comprehensive lung formula major emphasis has been placed on the mucous (lung) and lymphatic health using plant bud extracts, oligo, and litho elements. The Sarcodes/glandulars support the health of the pleura, bronchii, and the lungs. The adrenals are nourished as well as the thymus and the spleen. The flower essences in this formula help balance the Lung meridian by addressing imbalances caused by grief, inability to forgive and let go.
Luvos Capsules
Luvos Powder
LVR-DRN For relief of fatigue, anger, irritability, and liver discomfort.
Lycopus Lycopus regulated the thyroid function. For Hyperthyroid low dosage 5 to 8 drops 3 times a day. For Hypothyroid use 15 to 25 drops 3 times a day.
Lymph Terrain This is a comprehensive lymphatic formula rich in plant “bud” extracts. Supports the healthy drainage of lymphs from different organs including liver-lymph, kidney-lymph, spleen-lymph, lung-lymph, heart-lymph. Sarcodes support the colon, tonsils, appendix, and parotid. Several ingredients also support the mucous membranes and linings. Provides antioxidant protection as well as zinc, copper, and essential vitamins for the lymphatic system. The flower essences address a personality that has much self-incrimination, self blame, mentally/emotionally exhausted, and struggling through the day.
Lymph Tonic I Lymphatic drainage.
Lymph Tonic II Lymphatic Drainage
Lymph Tonic III Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatics In conditions involving chronic sore throats, earaches, recurrent upper respiratory infections; in acute cases of minor viral infections. “C” potencies have been primarily used in this unique remedy which provides an important lymphatic support during colds, ear infections, and stress due to dairy allergies.
Lymphonest Good for swollen lymph glands; suppressed immune system; cystic tendencies. Lymphatic drainage should be used during any detoxification.
Lymphotox For relief of inflammations, allergic-type reactions, arthritis-type aches, and symptoms related to acute lymphatic stress. A mild and effective lymph drainage formula. Also indicated for relief of symptoms of flu, sinusitis, and coughing. For homeopathic support of the lymphatic system.
Lypomin-LV Lipotropic factors for healthy lipid and liver metabolism. Provides nutritional compounds that have lipotropic properties. Offers nutritional support that may help guard against fatty liver infiltration.
Magnetic Pallets Used in Korean Hand Therapy to reduce all kinds of pain.
Maintenance For maintaining the newly achieved systemic balance following the use of remedies A-1 through A-5. Appropriate for sensitive or depleted individuals in the early stages of this program. Especially designed for long-term use for a continued mild drainage effect.
Male Balance For balancing and enhancing the male endocrine system. Suggested for routine use by men throughout the Detox Program. Highly recommended in the beginning of any detoxification for energy enhancement. Also useful during “endocrine stress.” Very helpful for patients over 40.
Male Terrain A comprehensive and deep acting male endocrine formula which provides for healthy drainage of key tissue groups such as prostate, liver, veins, and mucous membranes. Ideal for supporting a stressful life-style.
Male Zyme Male-Zyme™ meets the needs of the active younger man (under 45). Rich in nutrients including Muira Puama, Ginseng, and Saw Palmetto that support masculine functions. Provides broad-spectrum enzyme support.
Male Zyme Plus Male Zyme Plus is designed to meet the changing metabolic needs of the 45+ man. Higher levels of zinc, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, pantothenic acid, and magnesium all help to support the later years with optimum metabolic function. Special herbs calm the mind and support proper nerve and sexual function.
Marcozyme In addition, long term proteolytic enzyme therapy during chelation can help to dissolve arterial plaque. Double blind studies have shown that these enzymes also reduce inflammation in veins and arteries as well as impede the onset of thrombosis.
Master Zyme A special enzyme-based formula which provides support for Hypothalamus, Pituitary and the Adrenals using raw bovine concentrates along with several herbs and nutrients such as Gota Kola and RNA. Ideal for nutritive support of the endocrine system.
Mesenchyme In all patients who are undergoing detoxification and drainage therapies, this formula helps the mesenchyme (connective tissue) release acids and waste products that had previously been stored. This formula also provides regenerative energy to the reticulo-endothelial cells, and helps restore secretory Ig A.
Metaclnz For relief of symptoms related to weak metabolism and fatigue, and to aid in removal of excess fluids.
Metacrin-DX Improves phase I and phase II hepatic detoxification as well as optimizes venous circulation. Provides herbs that help encourage hepatic cell growth and RNA synthesis. Provides the vitamin substrates and amino acids required for phase I and phase II detoxification. Take 2 to 3 capsules, 2 to 3 times a day or as directed.
Metatox For relief of symptoms related to weak metabolism, such as low energy and nausea, and for decreasing the appetite.
Methoxy Zyme A potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant enzyme formula, loaded with bioflavonoids. Useful for allergies, since the bioflavonoids are known to block histamine and prostaglandin production. can also be used to strengthen the venous system.
Methyl-SP Contains compounds to help metabolize homocysteine. Supports phase II methylation liver detoxification pathways. Supports bile synthesis metabolism. Take 1 – 2 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
Mg/K Zyme This formula is highly useful in stressful conditions as it provides magnesium, potassium and specially prepared sequoia (seedlings) extract, nature’s most amazing symbol of strength, stamina and longevity.
Miasmatox For relief of symptoms related to inherited or acquired miasmatic information. Works primarily on a very deep level of detoxification, in support of cellular metabolism. Rich in nosodes.
Migratox For relief of migraines and other headaches, sunstroke, stress, hot flashes, PMS, over-consumption of alcohol, and nervous irritability.
Mind Memory For the relief of symptoms related to grief, shock, disappointments, loss of confidence, fear, and other effects of childhood abuse. Helps relieve resistance to confronting emotional difficulties of the past or present.
Mineral Balance For relief of symptoms related to mineral imbalances. To enhance the integration of minerals and trace elements (especially in the gut area). For micro-nutritional support. Very effective in chronic loss of vitality.
Mineral Zyme High quality mineral sources combined with digestive enzymes provide for a potent formula.
Move On Related to effects of grief, and disappointment and loss. Repressed or deep-seated emotions related to anger, or attitudes associated with past traumas or abuses. Assists in dealing with painful events from the past.
MTL-LNG (Metal) To support and balance the Metal element, meridians, and organs (the lungs and large intestine) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.
Mucous Membrances For relief of symptoms related to excessive mucous production. Sedates the mucous membranes when overactive. Especially useful for symptoms related to sinus, lung, colon, ear, and gum areas. Combine with Acute Rescue™ (B-1) or Aller-Total™ (S-2) when indicated.
Multi 21 Somaplex Multi 21 is a combination of 20 ionized Trace Elements. This supplement is a wide spectrum cellular support delivering to the body the most important trace elements in a non-toxic ionized form. Should be used for: Stressful times, mineral depletion, Cronic Fatigue Syndrom, or a healing process of any kind. The ionized form will guarantee absolute absorption. Multi 21 can also “re-educate” the biological system to absorb and build up its own trace element supply.
Muscles For relief of pains and aches in and around the muscles related to incomplete integration of dietary metabolites.
Myco Zyme For nutritional support and fortification of the intestinal terrain. Several key herbs and nutrients help provide a healthy intestinal environment. Imbalances in the intestinal terrain can lead to or contribute in the propagation of yeast overgrowth, parasites, and harmful bacterial growth.
Mycosurge Spray No other single product offers twelve of the world’s most highly prized medicinal mushrooms. They have been carefully selected in order to provide the consumer with the most effective immune system boosting and adaptogenic efficacy possible. Prized by physicians and herbalists, they have a long history of proven effectiveness.
Nema Base Acid/Alkaline Balance
Nerv Met For the relief of symptoms related to nerve degeneration and aging of the mind, lack of concentration.
Neural Terrain Rich in oligo elements and sarcodes, this formula provides comprehensive mineral support for the nervous system. It helps fortify and build up the neural and muscular terrain while providing calmative ingredients for an over-active and stressed system.
NeuroCalm For relief of stress & cravings caused by substance abuse.
Neutrocan In certain patients with recurrent vaginal yeast infections; in patients with fungal infections of toes, nails, and skin; in individuals with intestinal yeast overgrowth. This product is a unique approach to the problem of candida. Using classical homeopathic ingredients at X, C, and LM potencies, it addresses the bioenergetic terrain in which candida growth is encouraged. Use with Large Intestine (R-5) for best results. Must be used with drainage remedies for liver, kidney, and lymph.
Neutrovir This special formula provides a potent counter to minor viral-related symptoms such as flu, fever, fatigue, joint, and muscle pains. Contains homeopathic venoms that act on blood and lymphatic congestion. Combine with kidney and lymphatic drainage remedies.
Nitra Zyme Nitra-Zyme provides amino acid precursors for the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, a cell mediator, has been associated with inflammation, hypertension, high cholesterol, and osteoporosis. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids protect nitric oxide from premature oxidation and degeneration.
NU-DRCTN (No Direction) For the relief of symptoms related to feelings of being stuck. Fear of change.
OmegaCo-3 OmegaCo-3 provides omega-3 fatty acids of EPA and DHA, as well as the necessary cofactos for the enzymes that catalyze the conversion processes. A one-of-a-kind product.
Opticrine Supports and optimizes the hypophyseal-gonadal axis in males and females, help optimize the release of testosterone in males and estradiol in females. Take 1-2 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
OsteMend OsteMend is the support-half of a highly effective two-formula bone support program. It unites the wisdom of ancient herbal ingredients with clinical testing in order to provide the patient with a powerful approach. Chinese and western herbal traditions have been combined for maximum benefit. When combined with Cal-Zyme, proper dieting, and exercise, patients have a comprehensive program to support bone health.
Oticoplex A special formula for minor ear-related disorders. Best combined with Lymph-DRN.
Ovagen In patients with abnormalities in the menstrual cycle, hot flashes, and painful ovulation. A potent female remedy, combining key classical ingredients with advanced multicord technology.
Oxi Cell Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Provides glutathione and superoxide dismutase in a metabolic cream. Supplies powerful antioxidant into the blood stream via transdermal delivery.
Oxi Met For the relief of symptoms related to free radicals, which cause susceptibility and have been associated with atherosclerosis, arthritis, senility, and immune weakness. Supports liver antioxidant enzyme production and detoxification.
Oxi Zyme A powerful broad-spectrum antioxidant formula designed to help reduce free radical activity as well as providing amino acids and phytonutrients with digestive support.
Pancreas To support secretion of pancreatic enzymes; best combined with Enzy-Met™ (G-6) in patients who are tired in the morning. LM potencies provide an extra dimension to this unique product, which acts to support weak pancreas function.
Pancreas Terrain This special formula provides essential nutritive support for the maintenance of a healthy pancreas terrain and its various functions. Other than the pancreas, the pituitary, thyroid, liver, and the adrenals are supported too. Chromium, Niacin, and magnesium provide special micro-nutritional support. The flower essences address a personality that may be specially concerned about self, extra-sensitive, overwhelmed, and stressed with chronic anxieties over life issues.
Pancreas-Total For drainage and homeopathic support of the pancreas, (both exocrine and endocrine). For micro-nutritional support of the pancreas. For relief of symptoms related to weak pancreatic action. An important systemic formula synergistically balancing the overall metabolic integration process. Indicated when digestive energy is weak, and in cases of poor dietary habits.
Para A Para A was formulated as a treatment for small parasites, in particular, amoebas. This highly concentrated liquid extract has the ability to be affective in digestive tract as well as systemically (herbal capsules are only effective in GI tract). Dosage: Adults take 2 to 3 full droppers in warm water 1 or 2 times a day. Children should take half the dose and it can be placed in gelatin capsules.
Paraklenz For relief of symptoms related to parasites. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapy. Primarily a detoxification formula.
Parasymp Met To reharmonize the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system, and thereby offer relief for symptoms related to stress.
Pedia Pro
Peppermint Oil The bacteriostatic and anti-spasmolytic effect of the highly concentrated PEPPERMINT OIL is a standard remedy in many dental offices. Simply add 1 to 3 drops to water. It can be used as an antiseptic mouth rinse, and it will relax breathing. It also counteracts fainting and dizziness sensations.
Petrochem For relief of symptoms related to minor petrochemical toxicity (automobile exhaust fumes, food additives, dyes, and industrial solvents). Often helpful for city dwellers and commuters. Has a detoxification and cleansing action. For homeopathic neutralization of hypersensitivities to petrochemicals.
PGE1 Met To address the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome; to help stimulate receptivity to prosta glandin E1.
pH For relief of symptoms related to the build-up of acids and crystals in connective tissues. To help remove and cleanse the disturbances that create imbalances in the intestinal terrain. To create the proper environment for the acid/alkaline balance of body fluids.
Pineal Met The intent of this formula is to help harmonize the melatonin-producing tissue within the brain in order to resynchronize the system to its natural diurnal rhythms and to help cope with mental stress.
Pituitary To accentuate the effect of all emotional therapies and flower remedies; to help treat mental/emotional stress; in children with stress on the pituitary. Six classical ingredients are selected for their bioenergetic qualities, along with ATP to support the pituitary gland and the endocrine system in general.
Poisen Ivy / Oak For reactions to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, as well as the related cashew, mango, and ginkgo trees. For relief of “acute” symptoms which can occur after contact.
Polygonum Increases the excretion of uric acid; improves the circulatory flow of capilaries and tissues; acts as an anti-inflammatory. To help with arthritic conditions please combine with Solidago and Aesculus.
Positivity For the relief of symptoms related to feelings of hopelessness, despair of recovery, constant brooding over roubles, over-sensitivity to external stresses.
Post Virotox For relief of symptoms related to persistent and chronic minor viral inflammations and their after-effects. Use after Acute Virotox™ (B-9). For fatigue and slow recovery. Combine with Lymphotox™ (N-5)
Potassium: Ionized Trace Element
Pregnenolone Sublingual form of the Pregnenolone hormone.
Pro Ent 2 Plus: Intestinal Antiseptic
ProgestAid Supports progesterone metabolism and synthesis. Supports the healthy release of luteinizing hormone and the output of progesterone. Supports healthy estrogen / progesterone ratio balance. Enhances the bodies ability to produce progesterone.
Progesterone Sublingual form of the progesterone hormone.
Proglyco-SP Provides a broad spectrum of glandulars and minerals to improve the nutritive and biological conditions for a better control of blood sugar. Powerful antioxidants have been included in this formula to help minimize the biological damage produced by oxidized blood glucose. Take 1 – 2 capsules, 3 times a day, or as directed.
Prosta-DHT This product has been developed using well known herbs, amino acids, and zinc to minimize the conversion of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone and support prostate health. The excessive amounts of dehydrotestosterone are known to be the major reason for the enlargement of the prostate gland. Take 1-2 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
Prostate Causal Chain A unique formula for homeopathic support of the prostate and its related organs (thyroid, pancreas, kidneys). For relief of symptoms of minor prostate disorders. Addresses energy stagnation, especially when resulting from old age. May be given routinely to males over age 40. Always combine with Male Balance (A-8).
Prostogen In patients with a tendency toward urinary tract infections, incomplete urination with reduced flow, or who are frequently awakened by the need to urinate. Prostogen™ is another important male formula designed to provide homeopathic support to the prostate and the male organs. Features general classical ingredients in LM potencies.
Protect For the relief of symptoms such as loss of vigor, heavy-headedness, tiredness and exhaustion. Debility, lack of “grit,” and unfit for exertions. For symptoms related to physical shock, trauma. Over sensitivity to all sorts of influences.
Protein To assist protein metabolism. For homeopathic support of the stomach. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of proteins due to improper metabolism.
Proteo zyme Three different protease enzymes in high potencies make this the formula for those with protein maldigestion. Protease I works on meat proteins, Protease II breaks down milk and grain proteins, while protease III is non-specific in its action. All three work together to form a broad pH spectrum approach to protein absorption. Add herbal and plant bud extracts which support the complete digestive process and the result is optimum protein digestion.
Protoclenz For relief of symptoms of minor infections. For patients with increased susceptibility due to over-consumption or indigestion of proteins.
Protogen For relief of symptoms related to chronic weakness and susceptibility. Rich in nosodes, this is a deep-acting homeopathic detoxification and support formula.
ProtoGlysen For healthy insulin and blood sugar management. Provides a diverse form of botanicals to help modulate the insulin respone and support blood sugar stability.
Protomer For relief of symptoms related to minor exposure to mercury, especially those due to metal fillings. Also helps counteract electrical stresses caused by oral buccal currents and electromagnetic currents in the environment, and helps protect the kidney meridian from stresses due to heavy metals. Has an effective, mild drainage effect.
Prototox Ideal for symptom relief in minor illnesses and acute situations. Especially useful during and after the Detox Program. Most effective at the onset of flu, colds, inflammation, etc. Also helps the body adapt to environmental stresses. Best when combined with Acute Rescue™ (B-1).
PRSVR (Perseverance) For the relief of symptoms related to feeling exhausted, finished, and utterly apathetic. Enhances endurance, reliability, strength, renewal and the persistence to attain completion. For the relief of tendencies to start projects with enthusiasm and later drop them due to lack of interest or energy.
Pulmonest A very good lung support. It relieves cramps in the bronchial tree, promotes increased expectoration, sweat production, blood purifying and anti-tussive in relation to the lung and bronchi.
Puro Zyme High concentration of Protease along with other key herbs deliver a special purifying and cleansing effect on the blood & other cells.
PyrogenPro Homeopathic immunization against waterborne diseases.
Rad-Tox For symptoms related to radiation exposure (X-rays, geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, etc.). A synergistic one-of-a-kind formula for energetic stresses of our technology-oriented society.
Redox Met For the temporary relief of fatigue, weakness, malaise, joint pain, fluid retention due to severe oxidative stress (free radicals) in the tissues and the blood.
Relaxation For the relief of symptoms related to nervous energy and exhaustion, neck and back tension, rigidity, anxiousness, mental confusion. Oversensitive physically and mentally.
Rena Zyme Rena-Zyme™ is a nutritional-herbal complex that provides support for healthy kidney functions. The herbal components help excretion of high ammonia levels, assisting the kidneys in balancing the electrolyte levels of the body. Care was taken to provide ideal ratios of monovalent cations and polyvalent anions needed to help balance electrolytes.
Repleniss (Ultra Potency Probiotics 55B)
RetroVir Pro
Revitalization For rebuilding and replenishing organ vitality. A general support formula designed to be taken either before or after the above detoxification program. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes and homeopathic phytotherapeutics.
Rubus Stimulates the islet system in the pancreas; increases the pancreatic secretion; lowers blood sugar by regulating the sugar metabolism via the intestines, liver and kidneys. It is also very effective in cases of insecticide intoxication. Studies have shown an increase in diabetes particularly due to insecticide intoxication (fungicides in grains – cereals).
Sabal Serrulatum Directions: 30 drops in water once a day for maintenance. In acute conditions take 10 drops in water every hour until improvement is felt then take 30 drops in water 3 times a day.
Scolopendrium This is a herbal drainage remedy for the spleen. Will help all of the lymphatic system too, especially after infectious diseases and circulatory deficiencies of the digestive tract.
Self Esteem For the relief of symptoms related to mental weakness, timidity, reservedness, inability to face any challenge. Easily dominated or influenced, feelings of inferiority, uselessness, low confidence, low self-esteem.
Seriphos Adrenal Support with calcium & magnesium
Silver Press Pellets Used in Korean Hand Therapy to reduce all kinds of pain.
Sinus Relief A unique formula for relief of minor sinus disorders, upper respiratory conditions, colds, sinusitis, etc. May be combined with Mucous Membranes (B-8) for added support.
Skin Terrain A unique nutritive formula enhancing the healthy drainage and detoxification functions of the skin. The mucous membranes have been given special attention as well as several organs energetically related to the skin – the state of which may affect the skin functions. These include the intestines, lung, spleen, lymph, the immune system, and the epidermal tissue.
SKN-DRN For relief of itching eruptions, acne, and to aid skin drainage.
Small Intestine The small intestine formula addresses important conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, indigestion, and minor peptic ulcers. Calendula is featured in LM potency.
Small Intestine Terrain A unique formula rich in litho elements which are selected for their support of the various detox functions related to the small intestine.
SNS-DRN For symptoms related to inflammation of the sinuses, hay fever, flu, drainage in cases of operative removal of dental foci, upper respiratory discomfort, and nasal discharge.
Sodium For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of sodium due to improper metabolism. To balance the bioenergetic status of the pancreas, kidneys, and spleen. Indicated in sensitivity to sodium and M.S.G., kidney weakness, and exhaustion.
Solidago This formula will support the kidney function by mildly stimulating the diuresis and excretion of matter.
Somatica For the relief of symptoms related to fear, repressed emotions, and tension held in the muscles and organs. Lethargy, confusion, inattentiveness and daydreaming. Floating sensation as if anesthetized.
Spleen Especially for patients who have enlargement of the spleen; in patients who have had their spleen removed; in patients with high susceptibility and weak spleen bioenergy. A spleen/thymus remedy with a hormonal factor selected for additional stimulation and support. Ideal for people with low resistance.
Spleen Blood Activator Support for weak and susceptible patients with a focus on the spleen. Use for relief of chronic as well as acute conditions.
Spleen Terrain Adrenal and lymphatic support are integral part of this special Spleen formula. The health of the spleen is supported using several plant bud extracts encouraging drainage activity. Litho elements support the immune’s anti-parasidal function. The health of the mucous membranes are supported as well. The related meridians of liver, kidney, lung and lymphs are balanced based on their correlation to the spleen.
Starch To assist stomach metabolism. For homeopathic support of the pancreas, spleen, and colon. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of refined carbohydrate residues due to improper metabolism.
STD-Pro Homeopathic immunization & support for sexually transmitted diseases.
Stomach In patients with gastritis (who take Cimetidine and other drugs that block HCl secretion in the stomach), with hiatal hernia discomfort, with minor gastric ulcer pains, and with inadequate HCl secretion by the stomach. Hormonal support along with key classical remedies such as graphite and ipecacuanha combined with LM potencies provide a synergistic preparation to address minor stomach disorders.
Stomach Terrain Ingredients address many key metabolic functions necessary for a healthy stomach terrain. These include the metabolism of B-12, RBC production, and mineral metabolism. Also the nervous system is balanced while Chalcopirite rock and Licorice root provide soothing and calming support to the stomach. Healthy drainage processes of the bowel tissues are supported. Special emphasis has also been given to the oral and gastric mucous linings by supporting its detox and drainage activity and providing key nutrients and oligo elements. Flower essences also help balance the stomach meridian by addressing stresses caused by life anxieties. Essential terrain building micro-nutrients are provided in this one-of-a-kind stomach formula.
Stress Resistance For supporting and calming the autonomic nervous system. For relief of physical and emotional stresses, and the resulting heartburn, insomnia, and anxious irritability. Rich in homeopathic flower essences. Useful for adapting to demanding situations and the changing pressures of life.
Stress Zyme A potent combination of minerals and herbs that act to calm the body in times of tension and anxiety. Includes Valerian, Kava Kava, 5-HTP, Polygala Tenufolia, and the adaptogen Panax Ginseng, which helps the body adapt to stressors. Can also be useful in cases of insomnia.
Strong Ligaments & Joints For homeopathic support of the joints and ligaments, especially for young children, the elderly, and athletes. For relief of pains and aches due to stressed and weakened joints. To be used before and after stressful situations, especially injuries.
Strong Mind For the temporary relief of symptoms related to sadness, despondency, and internal emotional tension. Ill effects of fright and grief, hopelessness and apathy. Inability to perform continuous active work. Promotes vitality.
Sugar To assist sugar metabolism. For homeopathic support of the pancreas, liver, and spleen. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of refined sugars due to improper metabolism.
Super B Zyme A clinically formulated, advanced dietary supplement specially designed to provide a unique blend of enzymes, nutrients, herbs, and other co-factors in a proprietary blend. Sources are specially selected and prepared to maximize vitality and nutritional potency.
Super CoQ10 Zyme Super CoQ10-Zyme™ contains a highly absorbable form of Co-enzyme Q 10 imported from Japan. Co-Q 10 is required for the conversion of energy from carbohydrates. It also helps to convert fats to adenosine triposphate (ATP), the form of energy used by cells. ATP requires the presence of Co-Q 10 for proper activation. Super CoQ10-Zyme™ favors energy production, helps protect the vascular system and the heart, and therefore is a wonderful support formula for clients needing proper nutritional support for cardiovascular, blood pressure and cholesterol challenges. It utilizes synergists and enzymes to ensure highest level of assimilation into the system.
Super Digestive Zyme High levels of proteolytic and carbolytic plant base enzymes make this a good product for people who tend to overeat at social functions. It also has herbs and flower remedies which act to stimulate enzyme production and mollify the effects of stressful and exhaustive lifestyles.
Super EFA Comp
Super Oxi Cell
SuperStim This product includes LPC with a wide mix of ingredients all carefully selected to address multiple factors influencing the immune system. These ingredients work synergistically with LPC to deliver a powerful support. This product contains 6525 mg of LPC per bottle and is ideal for short term aggressive use as well as long term maintenance in chronic cases.
Sweet Inner Chi For supporting blood sugar levels and the processing of energy. Can be used to help with stamina in sports; when drained due to lack of balance; stress-related physical weakness; and cellular enzyme/energetic depletion. An effective tool for support when overcoming cravings of all kinds (sugar, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, etc.). Helpful in mood swings. Should be used for a long period of time for full effect (2-4 months).
Test Met Test-Met is formulated to assist in increasing tissue receptivity to testosterone. For relief of symptoms such as great weakness and languor.
Testanex Balancing cream with chrisin and bioflavanoids helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogens.
Testogen In patients who need treatment for minor seminal or spermatic disorders and symptoms, or decreased libido. TestogenTM is an advanced male remedy addressing the testes and related organs such as the prostate.
Thuja This herbal formula is recommended for temporary symptomatic relief of yeast infection, condyloma and vaginal irritation. It can also be applied topically as needed.
Thymus For homeopathic support of the thymus. For disturbances due to over-consumption and incomplete integration of dietary metabolites (especially proteins). Very important during emotional overload and chronic or acute stress.
Thyraxis-PT Supports the pituitary-thyroid axis. Provides glandulars, minerals, and nutrients that support the pituitary-thyroid axis.
Thyro CNV Supports peripheral thyroid hormone metabolism. A broad-spectrum nutritional formula to support healthy peripheral thyroid metabolism and glutathione synthesis. Take 1 – 2 capsules, 3 times a day or as directed.
Thyro Zyme This powerful thyroid remedy not only provides key nutrients, in a powerful enzyme base, but also addresses the endocrinal system with glandular and mineral supplementation.
Thyroid In patients with symptoms suggesting a sluggish thyroid gland. Camphora, placenta, and iodinum offer this product special energetic qualities by their unique potency mix.
Thyroxal Thyroxal is a broad spectrum supplement that contains the highest quality glandular, herbal, and nutritional compounds to support healthy thyroid hormone physiology. This product contains compounds to suport T3 and T4 production, as well as nutrients to support thyroid hormone receptor binding. Other compounds are included in this formula to support and stimulate energy-producing metabolism that is crucial for patients with symptoms of low thyroid function. Take 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed.
Tobacco For sensitivities to tobacco, either from direct consumption or “second-hand” exposure. Also to be used during smoking cessation therapies and to help relieve the craving for tobacco. Provides drainage action.
Tonsioplex To provide temporary relief of symptoms related to enlarged tonsils, recurring flu, and recurrent respiratory infections.
Travel Pro Homeopathic immunization against airborne diseases.
Trifal Improves immunity of the intestinal tract. Herbal fruit extract of Beleric Myrobalam, Chebuilc Myrobalan & Indian Gooseberry.
Trillium Reduces internal and external bleeding, such as nose bleeding; bleeding after tooth extractions and injuries; hypermenorrhea; varicose veins; hemorrhoids; thrombophlebitis; post-operative hemostatic. Has a sealing effect on the capillary vascular system by increasing the density of the capillary tissue; inhibits inflammation of the endothelium. Take 20 to 30 drops in water 3 times a day.
Type-A Balance (Yang Balance) For balancing the meridians through energy sedation. Particularly useful for over-active children and Sympathetic Dominant, “Type A” personalities. For relief of symptoms resulting from hyper metabolism. Often most effective when taken in the evening. Rich in phytotherapeutics.
Type-B Balance (Yin Balance) For balancing the meridians through energy stimulation. For people with slow metabolism. Useful for Parasympathetic Dominant, “Type B” personalities. Often most effective when taken in the morning. Rich in oligotherapeutics.
Ultra Antitox For relief of symptoms related to low-level toxic bioaccumulation in cleansing the organs ( liver, kidneys, and lymphatics). To enhance the body’s own “detox-ability” for an effective cleansing. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapeutics. This is often a good time for lymphatic massage, saunas, and colonic irrigations. A major detox formula. Follow with Deep Antitox™ (A-4).
UriPro Addresses minor symptoms related to urinary tract discomfort and candida conditions. Eight Isopathic ingredients in multiple potencies provide in-depth yet wide-ranging action. Other ingredients provide additional immune support as well as stimulate drainage.
Uterogen In patients with bleeding between periods, or those with repeated miscarriages. Another important female remedy. Several key ingredients are in LM potencies for gentle, yet deep action.
Vascu Herbs VascuHerbs is the support-half of a highly effective two-formula program for those who need nutritional and herbal support for healthy blood pressure. It unites the wisdom of ancient herbal ingredients with clinical testing in order to provide the patient with a powerful approach. Chinese and western herbal traditions have been combined for maximum benefit. When used with Circu-Zyme, proper dieting, and exercise, one has a comprehensive program to improve blood pressure health.
Vascular Terrain This special formula provides 10 plant bud extracts to offer comprehensive support for healthy drainage of key areas related to the vascular system.
Vax Met Vax-Met addresses minor symptoms related to stress, trauma, and injury, particularly related to caccinations. This special formula combines three well known homeopathic remedies for the first time in their multicord to deliver a powerful product.
Vesicaplex For relief of nervous bladder, renal discomfort, prostate discomfort, and urinary frequency.
Viscum Promotes elasticity of the vascular walls (both arterial and venous) preventing clogging in the media while accelerating the circulation of the blood without increasing pulse rate. This formula improves the cardiac output with a mild reduction of blood pressure and improves the metabolism in general by accelerating the excretion of waste products.
Vitality For the relief of symptoms such as deep, inner tiredness resulting from prolonged emotional struggles, grief, or anxieties. Helps restore emotional vitality.
Vitamin B12
VRD-Pro Adresses minor sysmtoms such as sore throat and inflammation related to streptococcal infection. There are several closely related immuno-stimulating isopathic ingredients included in higher potency multiples for a deeper action.
Warm Love For the relief of symptoms related to painful emotional attachments and heartaches, desire to run away. Indifference to loved ones and desire for solitude.
WE-LVR (Wood) To support and balance the Wood element, meridians, and organs (the liver and gallbladder) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.
Wild Bear Garlic Recommended in Germany for heavy metal detox of the kidneys; chelation therapy in particular using DMPS; atherosclerosis prophylactic; hypertension; eczema; and during dental treatment. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily. Take Wild Bear Garlic for 1 week then add Bio Reu Rella and a week later add Cilantro.
WTR-KDY (Water) To support and balance the Water element, meridians, and organs (the kidneys and bladder) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.
X-Cell Energy Enhancer
X-Viromin To reinforce immune health during viral stress. Supports healthy immune responses during viral infections. Provides a wide range of vitamins, herbs, and glandulars to support immunity.
Yeast / Candida For relief of systemic sensitivities to yeast, especially those of a chronic nature which result in increased susceptibility, such as Candida albicans. Helpful after using antibiotics or steroids. Promotes desensitization to specific yeast allergens.
Yeast / Sugar For sensitivities and reactions to foods and beverages containing yeast and sugar. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after consumption of these products and for “chronic hypersensitivity.” Especially for sensitivities to those yeasts which are used in preparing alcoholic drinks and leaven in bread products. Helpful after consumption of beer, wine, enzyme supplements, vinegar, and dried fruits.
Zinc Sulfate Zinc concertration is in form of ionized trace element which is absorbed immediately. Zinc will help with brain function, nervous condition, alopecia, pituitary disturbances. Too much zinc can cause an imbalance in the immune system.
Zinc Zyme A potent formula providing high quality zinc from Zinc Arginate and Glycinate, along with copper and several essential digestive enzymes.