Hormones are one of many ways our body parts communicate with each other. This kind of communication is very delicate and can easily be disturbed. Naturally as we age our hormone producing organs become weaker and don’t produce enough of these hormones as they should. An example of this weakness and reduction in hormone is stomach acid and digestive enzymes. That is the main reason older people usually have digestive problems and can not tolerate the variety of food that they could eat when younger. The same scenario can happen on the receiving end of these hormones. The organs receiving these hormones will weaken and lose their receptivity as we age. A good example of this is the case of our cells’ inability to respond and accept insulin hormone.

Toxicity is a major interrupt for our hormonal communication. Toxicity can weaken or over stimulate hormone producing organs or clogg the hormone receiving organs or destroy or modify the actual hormones during transpost phase. This is the main reason for hormonal imbalance being on the rise becuase toxicity is on the rise.