Anxiety Attachs

Anxiety & Panic Attacks in a 12 yrs old boy:

In September of 2004, I called Hossein Kord in a desperate attempt to find someone who could help my son who was suffering with panic attacks and anxiety to the point where his body was now beginning to jerk involuntarily even when he was sleep. He would also wake up in the morning with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety for no apparent reason. Often times, the anxiety and fear of having a panic attach would lead to a panic attack. He was in a vicious cycle.

The medical community wanted to put him on drugs to control his panic attacks. Neither of us wanted to go that route. I knew we had to find the cause and not just to treat the symptom. I wanted someone to do a Bio-Energetic evaluation on him and to find which part of his body was out of balance. I woke up that September morning and prayed for God to guide me to the person who could help us. His condition had gone on for four years and we were both worn out. I was guided to Mr. Hossein Kord’s name (picked randomly from the local Wellness Magazine). We were there within an hour and it has been one blessing after another for our family and many others.

Hossein Kord, in his gentle and compassionate manner discovered that my son’s adrenals were in fatigue stage. In fact, my son’s adrenals were fatigued beyond most adults he had seen. This was the first indication there was more to the panic and anxiety attacks than would meet the eye. He also had abnormally high levels of electrolytes and his sugar levels were fluctuating too much. All of these conditions (missed by previous examinations from the medical community) were contributing to his feelings of panic and anxiety. Within two weeks of seeing Hossein Kord and taking the recommended supplements and adjusting his diet, he no longer felt on the verge of panic, and the involuntary jerking of his muscles subsided. It took a few months to bring everything into balance. We have been able to maintain his health and now our visits are perhaps twice a year for a check up, unless due to some unrelated illness we go to see him.

It is now two and half years later and I am as happy as any mother could be to testify that there has not been one panic attack since that September 2004. In addition, with the help of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that Hossein Kord also recommends, the fight or flight conditioned response that accompanies panic and anxiety is no longer in control of my son. This is an invaluable technique for many emotional issues one may have.

I have used alternative medicine for over 17 years here in America, Australia, and in England where it is widely used. I have never come across any Naturopath, Homeopath, or Alternative Doctor with as much knowledge, wisdom, compassion combined with the ability to teach and empower us to take control of our health and wellbeing as Mr. Kord.

If you are unwell, if you want to take responsibility for getting well, if you are tired of being tired, tired of going from doctor to doctor trying to find out what is wrong with your mind and body…get balanced. Contact Mr. Kord as soon as you can and begin your journey to health and wellbeing.

Angel Ferro

Franklin, Tennessee