Abdominal Pain

25 Years of  Abdominal Pain:

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I am a 52 year old male living in Lodi, California and I would like to share my 25 years ordeal of stomach related problems with others.

In early 1980s (my late 20s) I started losing my appetite and having problems with my stomach, especially stomach pains in the mornings. My doctor diagnosed me with Hyperchlorhydria, which meant my stomach was producing too much acid, and prescribed me the popular antacid Tagamet, which gave me some relief. As years went by, my doctor switched me from Tagamet to Zantac, which was another very popular antacid. I noticed as years went by I needed more of these antacids and my doctor would prescribed me higher doses to give me relief.

In late 1990s I was having new problems with my stomach and digestive system. I went in for checkups and tests indicated I was suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The specialist took me off of antacids (Zantac) and placed me on Prevacid, which was used to make my stomach produce less acid.

In 2003 I was having more pain and discomfort and the specialist performed an EGD test and the results indicated Hiatal hernia. Based on these new finding he increased my Prevacid dose.

In December 2005 I was having so much pain that I could not function. I had no energy to get out of bed and could not eat much because everything would cause abdominal pain and instant diarrhea. I was eliminating my food within 5 to 15 minutes of eating and completely undigested.

By March 2006, I had lost 30 pounds and was so weak that did not even have the energy to carry a conversation. The only food I could tolerate was a small amount of blended cooked vegetable. Even though I did not abuse my body, by this time I had developed high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, sleep disorders, and high cholesterol and was taking medication for every one of them.

My brother, fearful for my life, contacted Hossein Kord and asked him for help. We knew each other since childhood, but lost touch for over 25 years. Hossein recommended some basic lab works and after analyzing the results explained to me that the root of my problems is actually lack of stomach acid. This was completely the opposite of what doctors had diagnosed me with and was hard for me to believe at first. He spent the time to explain what has happened to me and what course of action he would recommend. Hossein also made it very clear that he is not a medical doctor and can not make any recommendation about not taking my medication. He asked me to do some research and educate myself, which I did and based on my findings I decided to go off of Prevacid on my own. This was scary for me because of all the stomach pain and discomforts I had for the past 25 years. Hossein quickly sent me herbal / nutritional remedies to help my stomach produce more acid and also help me with digestion. He also used herbal remedies to cleanse my intestinal tract and repair the damage so I could start absorbing my nutrients better.

It took me about 9 months to gradually regain my health and energy and I started to go back to work. During this time I also gained 20 lbs, which was a good indication of my recovery.

It has been over a year since I started taking working with Hossein kord and taking the recommended remedies. I initially started with 7 remedies and I am down to just 2 right now. I am able to eat and tolerate much wider variety of food. My other health issues have all gone away by themselves and I am not taking any medications for them. My blood pressure is in order, no anxiety attack, and no sleep disorders. During the past 9 months I had more medical tests done ordered by my medical doctors and specialists at Stanford Hospital. Interestingly enough they found no signs of Hiatal hernia or Reflux disease (GERD).

Hossein, I would like to thank you for every thing you have done for me.


Hamid Salehi