Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems in a 12 yrs Old Boy (Dysbiosis):

My 12 year old son (Joshua) has had many personality and health problems for many years and is on prescription medication for these with some differences noticed. Examples are; excessive anger, fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, abdominal problems, cellular damage from oxidation stress and gas problems to name a few.

When Hossein tested him, he found many problems, the worst being adrenal fatigue and malabsorption of all essential minerals and vitamins. He immediately put him on 4 products to help the fatigue and malabsorption. Within 1 week my husband and I noticed a marked difference in our son. He was sleeping better at night, he was eating less and filling up faster and he was not eating all day long. His anger problems decreased significantly, he said he did not feel as anxious or angry and within a month he was gaining weight, something he has never been able to do. I took him back to Hossein in 6 weeks and he retested him and found almost everything was normal to his and my surprise and delight. He took him off of almost all products. He still has some malabsorption problems, but his adrenal stress, fatigue, abdominal problems, and gas problems are gone. His concentration is also improving. We are hoping to get him off of some of his prescribed medicines this month.

Needless to say we are very thankful to Hossein and feel he is an answer to our prayers. I had a very good friend who hounded me until I went to see him. Hossein immediately put my son and me at ease and answered my many questions. I never had any problems getting in touch with him and has always been ready to answer all my questions. In fact we were so satisfied; my husband now sees him for his problems and is also improving dramatically.

We would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone of our friends or others. He has made mine and my families lives much better and we praise God for sending him to us.


Shelly McMullan


(Follow Up Letter)


I wanted to let you know we have successfully weaned Joshua off of one of his prescription medications. He is feeling so good about himself and we are so pleased with the results of our visits with you. He is continuing to do very well and have found out, as you told us, that diet plays a huge part in his behavior. As long as we monitor what he eats he does very well and he is now beginning to monitor himself.

Thank you again for everything you have done for him and our family and we give all the credit to God. Without Him we would have never found you.

In Christ

Shelly McMullan