Chart: Body Timing

Horary Clock

During a 24 hours cycle, energy flows in different organs demonstrated by the following chart.





5-7 a.m. Large Intestine Drinking water triggers bowel evacuation making room for the new day’s nutritional intake. Removes toxins from the night’s cleansing
7-9 a.m. Stomach Stomach energies are the highest so eat the most important meal of the day here to optimize digestion/assimilation.
9-11 a.m Pancreas  The stomach passes its contents on. Enzymes from the pancreas continue the digestive process. Carbohydrate energy made available.
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Heart Food materials enter the blood stream. The heart pumps nutrients throughout the system and takes its lipid requirements.
1-3 p.m. Small Intestine Foods requiring longer digestion times (proteins) complete their digestion/assimilation.
3-5 p.m. Bladder Metabolic wastes from morning’s nutrition intake clear, making room for the kidney’s filtration to come
5-7 p.m. Kidney Filters blood (decides what to keep, what to throw away), maintains proper chemical balance of blood based on nutritional intake of day. Blood to deliver useable nutrients to all tissues.
7-9 p.m. Circulation Nutrients are carried to groups of cells (capillaries) and to each individual cell (lymphatic).
9-11 p.m  Triple Heater The endocrine system adjusts the homeostasis of the body based on electrolyte and enzyme replenishment.
11 p.m.- 1 a.m. Gall Bladder Initial cleansing of all tissues, processes cholesterol, enhances brain function.
1-3 a.m. Liver Cleansing of blood. Processing of wastes.
3-5 a.m. Lung Respiration. Oxygenation. Expulsion of waste gases.