Iris Analysis (Iridology)

Iridology has been used for a few hundred years by both medical and Naturopathic doctors to evaluate areas of strength and weaknesses in people. With the help of a special  camera, a large image of your iris can easily be seen on computer screen and saved for further analysis. Iridology should NOT be used for diagnostic purposes by itself, but it should be used with other modalities to evaluate underlying weaknesses or tendencies.

Here are some iris images with their evaluations:

Torn fibers are indication of weak constitution.

Closely aligned fibers are an indication of a strong constitution.

Notice how a blue eye has turned brown from the center and has a dark area on top. This is an indication of toxic settlement through out the body, but specially in the head area.

Dark spots indicate possible exposure to chemical / long term drug use.

Notice the cloudy ring around the eye. Possible indication of Arterial Plaque.