Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain in a 6 yrs Old Girl:

My name is Mishelle Phillips and I would just like to share a little bit of how my family has been blessed through the guidance of Hossein Kord.

We have a 7 year old daughter who has had stomach problems all of her life. She was diagnosed with infant reflux at 2 mos. old which became so severe at 3 mos. of age that she began losing weight and we were referred to a gastro. specialist at Oschner’s hospital in New Orleans. We were scared and totally at the mercy of the doctors. They placed her on a combination of Propulsid (no longer available) and Zantac. It all seemed to work and we were thrilled. When she turned 1 they said she had outgrown the reflux and could come off the medication. She seemed fine for a while but we would have flare-ups with it and they would prescribe the newest antacid (Prilosec, etc..). When she wasn’t on prescription medicine we were told to just give her over the counter meds. when she complained.

This went on until right after her 7th birthday. We had heard about Hossein through a friend that he was helping and took our child to see him. We were frustrated with traditional doctors and medicine and had done enough research on our own that we believed there was a better, natural way to fix this problem.

We spent over 2 hours with him going over her history and getting to be involved and watch his whole testing process. Our little girl thought it was so neat! I never once felt like he was in a hurry and needed to get on to his next patient.

Everything he said just made sense. He was so detailed with his answers to our questions, yet made it so easy to understand. His understanding of anatomy and how it all fits together was fascinating.

We find out that after all these years on antacids, our daughter has virtually NO acid in her stomach. Therefore, her food cannot digest, it just sort of rots and causes major discomfort. He sent us home with a $16 bottle of “bitters” to give her before meals to stimulate stomach acid. He said we should only have to do this for about a month.

A few days later, HE Called Us! We never had a doctor to do that, even when she was critical as an infant. Not that we doubted it before, but this showed us that Hossein is a good man who truly wants to help people get well. Any time we have called him we either get him right then or he calls us right back, again, never in a hurry.

We did exactly what he told us to do, and I can honestly say our daughter has not had a tummy ache since we finished the remedy! We are so grateful!

I don’t have enough kind words to say about Hossein Kord. Our entire family is seeing him now for various reasons and we are so excited with the progress we feel we are making toward better overall health.

Hossein Kord has been a God-send for us and we would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for real, practical answers for their health concerns.

Mishelle Phillips

Franklin, Tennessee