Energetic Evaluation

Bio-Energetic Evaluation:


Bio-Energetic is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a way of measuring the supporting organ energies or “meridian Chi”.

With the Help of an EAV Device Your Energy or Chi Can Be Measured to Evaluate:

  • Energetic Weaknesses in Specific Organs
  • Possible Cause of the Weakness
  • Similar Energetic Patterns in Family Members
  • and Much Much More

In the above example we can easily see excess energy in lungs, imbalances in the large intestines and deficiency in the spleen meridian (lymphatic & blood purification issues). We can also see Metal element is the strongest and Earth element is the weakest.

  • LU = Lung
  • LI = Large Intestines
  • P = Paricardium (Circulation)
  • TH = Triple Warmer (Endocrine System)
  • HT = Heart
  • SI = Small Intestine
  • SP = Spleen (Lymphatic & Blood Purification)
  • ST = Stomach
  • LV = Liver
  • GB = Gall Bladder
  • K = Kidney
  • BL = Bladder